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How To Gain Access To Login

In order to gain access to the members only section of this web site, the following must first be met.

1, You must already be member of The Crewe of Columbus.

2, You must have already given us your email address.

3, You must have already received an email with your username and password.


If you want to gain acccess to the members only portion of this web site and you have not given us your email address, then you can email us the following information to the email address that is at the bottom of your latest newsletter.

1, Your first and last name.

2, Your real email address that will be used to send you future newsletters and your new login information.

3, A phone number to contact you in case of any questions.

Members Login
Note: User Name Must Be in all Lowercase and Password is Case Sensitive.


If you are having trouble logging in for the first time or you have forgotten your password then click on Forgot Password and enter your User Name that was emailed to you in all lowercase click Send Password and you will be sent your password again via email.

Check the FAQ's on how to change your password after you login.


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